Why Dual-Facing Cameras Are Essential for Truck Drivers

At Cover Whale, ensuring the safety of truck drivers and others we share the road with drives our mission. Commercial truck drivers are constantly facing challenging road conditions, less attentive and safe drivers, and the need to maintain their own safe driving practices. Amidst these challenges, dashcams have emerged as a game-changer, providing enhanced security for both drivers and fleet managers. To gauge the effectiveness of this technology and policyholders’ responses, Cover Whale and Market Decisions Research, conducted a survey during Q3 2023 involving 162 truck drivers, all Cover Whale policyholders who are using dual-facing dashcams provided as part of their Cover Whale coverage. The survey collected data on various aspects related to attitudes and beliefs about the use of dual-facing dashcams.

Dual-facing cameras, in particular, have gained widespread recognition as an effective tool for improving the safety of all and protecting drivers when they’re not at fault. In fact, our recent survey revealed that 72% of drivers felt this technology helped improve their safety.

Some drivers have objections to driver-facing or dual-facing cameras. Dual-facing dashcams stir concerns among many truck drivers, as revealed by our survey. 86% expressed worries about their privacy with active monitoring, while 74% found them to be intrusive. This apprehension towards dual-facing dashcams is understandable: the potential privacy invasion can be unsettling. However, while our Auto Liability policies necessitate the installation and use of dual-facing dashcams, these advanced devices are only operational when the ignition is on. In other words, no recording takes place when the truck isn’t operating, preserving drivers’ privacy. Moreover, live driver monitoring is neither a feature in our dashcams nor of our coverage requirements.

Despite privacy qualms, truck drivers also strongly recognize the merits of dual-facing dashcams. Even with their reservations, 72% of drivers from our survey concur that these devices enhance safety, 64% believe they aid in reducing insurance costs, and a substantial 88% affirmed that dashcams are of immense help in backing them with evidence in accident claims.

The Power of a Dual-Facing Camera

Dual-facing cameras, as the name suggests, consist of two cameras that work in tandem – one capturing the road ahead and the other focused on the driver within the cabin. This combination delivers a comprehensive view of what is happening both inside and outside the truck.

Driver Monitoring for Improved Safety

Truck drivers are responsible for safely operating massive vehicles, making it crucial to maintain a high level of alertness while on the road. Dual-facing cameras monitor the driver’s actions, ensuring they adhere to safety protocols. A significant 78% of drivers from our survey trust the accuracy of safe driver reporting from these cameras.

Real-time Coaching and Training

Dual-facing cameras are not only there to record dangerous events, but also to assist in real-time coaching and training. Our dual-facing cameras and advanced telematics can analyze driving behavior and provide positive reinforcement, feedback, and suggestions. Our Driver Safety Program uses this immediate feedback loop to help drivers make adjustments, reinforcing good habits, and mitigating unsafe practices. As a testament to the power of this technology, 80% of the policyholders who received safety coaching communications based on video and telematics found them helpful, while 85% believed such interactions improved their driving habits. And it’s working. Our survey reported that 83% of drivers have made efforts to improve their safe driving status to lower their insurance costs or get premium discounts through Cover Whale. Our goal is to help America’s truck drivers thrive, but our mission is to make America’s roads safer for everyone. The data show our approach is working. 

Protection Against False Claims

Truck drivers often find themselves in situations where they are wrongly accused of causing an accident, and with nuclear verdicts on the rise, these situations can put an owner-operator or even a small fleet out of business. Dual-facing cameras are the driver’s best friend in these circumstances. The footage from the cabin-facing camera can help prove that the driver was not at fault and can protect their reputation and livelihood. 

In another survey we conducted during Q2 2023 in partnership with The Trucker Media Group, almost half of drivers were “not at all confident” that the blame for an accident would be properly assigned without video evidence. With dual-facing cameras, drivers can be confident that their side of the story is accurately represented in court, protecting them against commonly held beliefs and potential biases. Additionally, in the survey of Cover Whale policyholders, 88% agree that dual-facing dashcams help provide evidence to support truck drivers with their claims following an accident. Dual-facing cameras are a key component in ensuring that the claims after an incident are accurate and can help protect a driver’s reputation for safety and their job. 

Reducing Insurance Costs

The use of dual-facing cameras is a key factor in reducing operational or insurance costs, with 73% of truck drivers in our survey acknowledging that dual-facing dashcams helped lower their insurance costs. We are able to offer Cover Whale-insured drivers up to 30% off their premium when renewing their Auto Liability policy, installing and using our dashcams a wise financial decision.

Efficient Incident Resolution

Dual-facing cameras provide an unbiased depiction of events leading up to a mishap, streamlining the resolution process and allowing drivers to get back on the road faster, avoiding costly downtime.

You can read more about how our dual-facing dashcams work and some of the common questions drivers and agents ask in our blog: Benefits of Dual-Facing Dashcams

Driver-Facing Cameras Are Beneficial for Drivers

In conclusion, dual-facing cameras are invaluable in maintaining the safety of truck drivers and other road users. They offer numerous benefits, not only supporting responsible driving, reducing insurance costs, and aiding in efficient claims resolution, but also actively contributing to the overarching goal of creating safer roads. By enhancing privacy features in line with driver concerns, we hope to expand the acceptance and usage of these tools for an even safer future on the road. As technology continues to advance, the essential role of dual-facing cameras in improving truck driver safety is set to grow further. Embrace this transformative tool – it is an investment in a safer and more secure future.

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