Cover Whale Introduces Bob: An AI-Powered Chatbot Revolutionizing Commercial Trucking Insurance

Bob leverages the power of ChatGPT to improve customer support speed and precision in the fast-growing insurtech industry.

NEW YORK – October 17, 2023 Cover Whale Insurance Solutions, Inc., a leading commercial trucking insurance provider and fast-growing insurtech, today announced Bob, its cutting-edge AI chatbot. As an embodiment of expert knowledge and agility, Bob streamlines communication with agents and policyholders, crucially improving response times and supporting Cover Whale’s rapid growth.

Bob, an acronym for “bundle of bots,” represents a collective of unique AI models trained to leverage Cover Whale’s extensive knowledge base. Bob is primed to handle a spectrum of queries originating from Cover Whale’s expanding base of commercial trucking insurance constituents, including insurance agents and their independent-trucker and fleet-owner clients.

Distinguished by accuracy and dynamism, Bob swiftly handles inquiries including claims processing, quoting and binding status, loss runs, underwriting guidelines, and other inbound questions and the conversations that follow. Bob is built to outpace the industry-standard wait time with an impressive two-minute response threshold, all the while maintaining Cover Whale’s brand voice. Bob is also enabled with optical character recognition (OCR) to read inbound communications with embedded images.

In addition to its user-friendly interface and expert understanding, Bob is poised to scale alongside Cover Whale, expanding its knowledge and proficiency as it processes and gains insights from thousands of agent and policyholder interactions over time. 

“Our commitment to superior customer experience has been foundational since Cover Whale’s inception,” stated Saira Taneja, Chief Experience Officer at Cover Whale. “Bob’s launch marks an important milestone on the continual journey of improving service quality and responsiveness.”

In alignment with its AI-focused agenda, Cover Whale recently appointed Darien Acosta as the industry’s inaugural Chief AI Officer, helming the company’s AI advancement and integration. “Embracing our AI-first ethos, Bob represents a leap forward in our goal to transform the landscape of commercial trucking insurtech,” said Acosta.

About Cover Whale

Cover Whale, an insurtech founded by experienced insurance and technology veterans, focuses on technology, underwriting, and data to provide innovative insurance programs for the commercial auto industry. Cover Whale’s unique Driver Safety Program combines coverage with telematics, dash cams and real-time driver coaching to reduce claims, keep drivers safe and save lives on America’s roads. Cover Whale delivers its product through more than 6,000 agents with the industry’s fastest, most agent-friendly online quoting experience. Maintaining excellent agent relationships has driven more than $650 million in premium through the Cover Whale platform. With a fundamental belief that safe driving should be rewarded, Cover Whale-insured drivers may receive up to 30% off when renewing their auto liability policy. The company has been named 2023 Insurtech of the Year by Program Manager and one of America’s Best Startup Employers on Forbes‘ 2023 list. For more information, visit Stay up to date with Cover Whale on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and our blog.

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